Positive Beginnings Supporting young children with challenging behavior


I. Training modules on the web or at a distance

II. Basic web-sites on challenging behavior (some examples)

III.  Videos (to purchase and limited on-line links)

IV. Articles on the web (a small sample)

V. Related Journals

VI.  DVD Information

VII. Software

VIII. Communication (and General) Development

  • Speech and language development in infants and young children Caroline Bowen
    -- Very well done page!!
    --Speech Language Pathology information for families, students and professionals.  Family friendly-- but more information links so very informative while having some links for professionals too.
    ASHA: Language and literacy development
  • Iowa State University Child Development Handouts (Downloadable in PDF format)
        -- Discipline for preschoolers
        -- Language development
    Also more handouts divided by ages and stages, behavioral issues, social issues, play, child care, self-help, parenting, etc.
  • UW Madison Extension Parenting handouts
    -- not really a newsletter (it carries no news), but rather a brief, learn-at-home training packet. It is research-based, and has been evaluated for impact. Lots of great handouts for parents that include developmental information and ideas!
    -- Parenting the First Year (96 pages) is NCR-321
    -- El Primer Ano del Bebe (96 pages) is NCR-452
    -- Parenting the 2nd & 3rd Years (96 pages) is NCR-578
    -- Family Keys (78 pages) is NCR-597
  • Language Development - Gale Ency. of Psychology
    --Presents an overview of the process by which children learn language. Covers the period from infancy to later preschool years.
  • Early Childhood Educator Web site - Development
  • ERIC: Language Development: The Early Years
    -- brief summary
  • Zero to Three
    -- For families this site provides resources for choosing childcare, developmental milestones as well as, a new brochure downloadable about development and  excerpts from their bi-monthly bulletin. *Also has a professional section
  • Baby Parenting
    -- Links to child development domains including speech and language and social/emotional development and more!
    --This site offers an abundance of information about babies and toddlers, from activities to crafts and from development to temper tantrums.
  • Baby Center
    --This site provides a wealth of information about child development (including talking, understanding, socialization,self help, motor and sensory skills) health, work, family and much, much more! Milestones, calculators, speech/language checklists, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Parent Center
    -- Child development from 2-8 years of age across domains. Articles, milestones, bulletin boards, polls, ask the experts, etc. lots of information!
  • Parenting on the Go
    This site includes techniques that represent a  "training" for parents in the important skills of effective parenting and discipline. These techniques are available to you in "bite-size" packages ideal for the "parent on the go" -- the parent just needing a suggestion, but needing it right now -- before the situation(s) gets out of control.
  • Kids Health
    -- Development links (all domains including communication divided by age level 1 month to 18 years and learning and play)
    -- Nice friendly article on speech and langauge delay
  • KinderStart - Child Development : Speech/Verbal Development
    -- Various articles on speech and communication development
  • CyferNet Child-- Development
    -- Articles on development across domains (Communication, emotional, social, etc.)
    -- Also some articles in Spanish
  • PBS ABC's of child development
    -- Friendly fun charts for communication development, social-emotional, physical and cognitive thinking.
  • Parents Magazine
    -- Ages and Stages section about development; Lots of other seasonal information on this page too.
  • National Parent Information Network
    --- provides information on including on-line text articles-- web design less friendly
  • Child Development Institute
    -- Very basic information
  • Child Language Development...
    -- Simple design with lots of child oriented graphics developed by a comm. dis. student
    --This page is designed as a guideline for parents to follow their child's normal language development.
  • Book to buy: Childhood Speech, Language, and Listening Problems : What Every Parent Should Know
    -- by Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi

C. Course materials

D. Videos  & Software

E. Research

IX.  Communication Intervention

SLP Sites (Long lists)